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Çaldere is a Hydroelectric Power Station, with an installed capacity of 8,91mW(e) and has an annual production average of 42.000GWh.

Çaldere HEPP is physically located in boundries of city Muğla, Dalaman and operational on a section of river Çal.

On the weir, the water is lined to be transferred to the Headpond with a closed tunnel of 6.900m, and than let from headpond to powerstation with a penstock of 1.930m length and from a height of 437m. Generated electric is than transfered to Dalaman Transformator Center with a overhead line of 24km

It's predicted to be, 50.000 tonnes of CO( Carbon Monoxide ) were not let to the nature, with production of electricity with this natural way since 2011.

The construction of the powerhouse was started in June 2006, and shortly were finalized succesfully in April 2008.



  Company : Çaldere Elektrik Üretim A.Ş.
  HEPP Name : Çaldere Hes
  Installed Power : 8,91 MWe
  Production Capacity : 42.000 MWh
  Project Flow : 2,4 m3/sec
  Location : Gürleyik / Dalaman / Muğla
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