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Energy in Turkey
According to World Energy Production Statistics, Turkey has a consumption of 0,9% of all world electricity production.

The consumption in year 2010 was, 209billion 389,5million kWh.

Because of good rainfall in 2010, increased the part of hydro electric power plants' electricity production. After years this caused the increasing of hydro power plant electricity production part in total volume, and also effected decreasing percentage of natural gas powerplants' volume of electricity production.

Also, electricity production of governmenatal coal operated power plants decreased by %10,9 to 37.901,50GWh, the hydro based production reached to 41.210,40 GWh with an increase of %45,40

The open market electricity production also increased with a percentage of %33,60 and reached 39.906,10 GWh, and moreover in 2010, 2.674,60 GWh of electricity was exported to other countries.


  Company : Çaldere Elektrik Üretim A.Ş.
  HEPP Name : Çaldere Hes
  Installed Power : 8,91 MWe
  Production Capacity : 42.000 MWh
  Project Flow : 2,4 m3/sec
  Location : Gürleyik / Dalaman / Muğla
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